At PA Logistics Solutions, our proficiency in Flatbed Trucking encompasses assistance for legal, oversized, and heavy haul loads.

Our Flatbed Trucking caters to customers requiring transportation of specialized equipment or materials that generate wide, oversized, overweight, or lengthy loads, yet remain legally compliant for road travel. Ideal for construction sites or destinations lacking docking facilities, our service ensures swift loading and unloading to meet time-sensitive project demands.

As Flatbed Trucking specialists, we provide tailored tarps and secure tie-downs to safeguard your shipment during transit, ensuring it arrives intact and ready for use. Offering various trailer types to accommodate diverse shipment requirements, we also offer expedited team service for time-critical projects.

Operating across the Continental United States and between the U.S. and Canada, we provide Flatbed Trucking on both Less-than-Truckload (LTL) and Full Truckload (FTL) basis.

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Our equipment includes trailers measuring 48′ and 53′ feet in length, accompanied by flexible 4′, 6′, and 8′ foot tarps. With a variety ranging from Flatbeds and Step Decks to Low Boy-Rgns and Conestoga trailers, we offer customized solutions for cargo of different types and sizes.


Effortless loading and unloading from both sides and the rear, making it versatile for transporting a wide array of goods across different industries.

Step Deck

A Step Deck trailer provides space for taller cargo within legal height restrictions, offering flexibility for shipments that don’t necessitate the full capacity of a lowboy trailer.

Low Boy-Rgn

A Lowboy RGN trailer is valuable for transporting tall or oversized cargo, offering extra vertical clearance compared to conventional trailers.


Conestoga trailers feature a versatile rolling tarp system, offering effortless opening and closing for weatherproofing and security.

Flatbed Services

Flatbed Trucking provides dimensional flexibility, enabling effortless loading and unloading without size limitations from any direction. We specialize in supporting legal, oversized, and heavy haul loads. Various commodities suitable for transport via flatbed trucking include:

Construction materials



Construction equipments

Metals and minerals


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