Truckload Service

PA Logistics Solutions: With Full Truckload (FTL) service, your load is exclusively transported without sharing space in the truck.

At PA Logistics Solutions, we collaborate with numerous shippers to manage their truckload shipments, and also assist others in aligning their large mark Less-than-Truckload (LTL) shipments with other shippers, optimizing truckload rate structures for all parties involved.

Consider whether smaller, frequent LTL shipments or consolidated, cost-effective truckloads are more suitable for your needs. Combining LTL shipments into truckloads can yield significant cost savings ranging from 5 to 50 percent. Interested in our large mark LTL matching program? Contact us to explore further.

PA Logistics Solutions specializes in various trucking services across the US and Canada.

PA Logistics Solutions ensures quality standards through compliance processes

PA Logistics Solutions meticulously adheres to a thorough compliance process, guaranteeing top compliance rates by verifying company authenticity, experience, regulatory adherence, and insurance compliance. Our team comprises highly skilled drivers with extensive experience backed by reputable companies. We prioritize ensuring optimal physical and safety conditions for our trucks and trailers. Furthermore, our 24/7 tracking and response system, seamlessly integrated into our monitoring system, bolster the reliability and security of our services.

Truckload Services

Flatbed Trucking

Versatile dimensions allow for seamless loading and unloading without size limitations from any orientation.

Dry Van Trucking

An adaptable, convenient, and cost-effective option for transporting dry cargo.

Reefer Trucking

Guarantees the secure, efficient, and temperature-controlled conveyance of temperature-sensitive merchandise.

Power Only

Crafted to attach effortlessly to various trailer or container types solely through the truck’s engine power.

Hot Shot Trucking

Speedy delivery for small shipments without requiring them to fill an entire truck.

Sprinter Van

Fast shipping for smaller loads, ranging from one to three pallets, with options for dry or refrigerated equipment.

Box Truck

An ideal solution for local deliveries or short-distance transport.

Hazmat Trucking

We transport various hazardous loads regardless of the commodity, temperature, or transit time.

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